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Mobile Apps Transforming the Healthcare Industry:-

01 Jul 2021, 21:24 GMT+10

The year 2020 has made us realize the importance of the healthcare industry. People talked about having an immutable healthcare infrastructure for a long time, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made us stand and notice how essential that is. Not only that, but we have also realized the importance of digitalization in healthcare. Whether it's detecting the COVID or providing vaccines to people around the globe, the healthcare mobile app development company has played an essential role by creating standardized healthcare apps.

Digital Healthcare has been gaining momentum in the last decade or so with all the technological advancements coming into the picture. Look at these statistics:

All these numbers indicate the importance and need of digital healthcare in today's day and age. In this digital transformation of healthcare, mobile apps will play a vital role, and a custom mobile app development company can help you develop such critical applications.

Now, the question is, how can mobile apps transform the healthcare industry? So, let's try to find out the solutions and put them in front of you to know which areas where mobile apps can have maximum impact as far as the healthcare industry is concerned.

How are Mobile Apps Changing Healthcare?

1. Monitoring Patient's Health

One of the essential things that you do with mobile apps nowadays is monitor patient's health. Nowadays, you have many wearable devices available, and one can use them to constantly monitor various medical parameters of a patient, such as a heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen level, etc. However, you need Healthcare Industry Apps to control all these devices as it will help doctors access the correct information required and make informed decisions.

2. Online Healthcare

Gone are the days when people use to visit a doctor for medical treatment physically. Nowadays, you can use healthcare mobile app development services and develop an app where a doctor and patient can collaborate and solve their concerns. You can also have a video calling facility so that a doctor can conduct interactive sessions with their patients. In addition to that, you can have a live chat facility where doctors can answer their patients' queries.

3. Handling of Emergency Cases

Handling emergency cases with utmost efficiency can be very complicated for medical professionals. Patients and their relatives are in a panic state, so managing the case and the relatives is a demanding task. Medical professionals can develop a dedicated mobile app that notifies the doctor about an emergency and sends the patient's history. In this manner, the doctor can prepare in advance before taking over the case and provide quality service.

4. Easier to Store Medical Data

As you know that in medical, the patient's history, the medicines prescribed, the various parameters measured, etc., data are incredibly vital. So, properly maintaining them is highly important, and that's where the role of Mobile Apps in Healthcare lies. Doctors can store all the essential information in mobile apps, and whenever the patient comes to visit, later on, they can find out their profile to revisit the patient's case and make accurate judgments.

5. Order Medicine

In today's day and age, when people don't have time to go outside and purchase the medicines themselves, mobile apps can be a handy option. For example, you can use a mobile application to find out the nearby chemist shop and order your required medications. The chemist will deliver all your medicines within few minutes. This type of application also allows you to track the status of your order so you can exactly know the time at which you can get it at your home location.

6. Healthcare Education Apps

In this time of the pandemic, people can't go out and visit the doctor regularly. However, if they're given some basic information about how they can treat a particular disease at home and what are characteristics they should look for, it becomes easier for them. Healthcare education apps can become that bridge between the subject matter expert and the patient. The experts can provide information in the apps, and people can follow that at home.

7. Fitness Tracking Apps

We're living in the 21st century, where people have become more and more concerned about their fitness and well-being. They want to constantly monitor the number of calories they have burnt throughout the day and track the number of steps they take. There are many fitness bands available in the market for these fitness freak people that they can wear. A mobile app controls all these bands, and all the essential information is delivered to you by it.

Most Popular Digital Healthcare Apps

  1. Generis: DNA & Nutrition: Generis provides DNA-based advice about fitness, food, nutrition, supplements, and more.
  2. Teladoc: 24/7 Access to a Doctor: Teldoc connects the patients with various subject expert doctors through audio or video medium.
  3. Better Help: Online Counseling: Better Help allows people to connect with mental health experts and get life-changing advice.
  4. MySugr: Diabetes Tracker Log: MySugr is designed for diabetic patients who want to track their blood sugar, carbs, H1, etc.
  5. Mobile MIM: Mobile MIM is an application through which you can share images from radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, etc.


Digital Healthcare has been a subject of discussion over the last few years, especially with the pandemic destroying so many lives. People have understood the role mobile apps can play in the healthcare industry. Taking all those scenarios into consideration, we have provided some ways mobile apps can transform the healthcare sector. We hope it will help you know the impact mobile technology can have on the healthcare and medical industry. You can use these tips to build mobile applications that can assist you in improving healthcare.

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