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How to Light a Dark House with Natural Multi Lighting

29 Jun 2021, 23:24 GMT+10

When you enter to live in a house, the least you want is to feel down, sad, apathetic. And that, in the long run, is what happens in dark houses, which due to their location, and the lack of light, makes people also feel taciturn and dull.

For this reason, at multi lighting store we want to help you make sure that it doesn't happen and that you feel your best. How to do it? There are many ways to illuminate a dark house, and it is not to do work, but to use other elements that are in the house and that will undoubtedly attract your attention: the decoration, the colors or even the lamps will help you to that that house that seemed dark at first, becomes very bright.

Tips for Lighting a Dark House

Living in a dark house is not pleasant, unless you like the mysterious air and the spiky hair of your guests. Then you will be in glory. But if this is not your case, here are some tips on how to light a dark house to make the most of it. Surely the before and after you do not expect it.

Natural Multi Lighting

Dark houses often have this problem because they are located in a place where light is barely visible, or only a few hours a day. Or because they don't have windows.

If your case is the first, you will have to take advantage of that natural multi lighting to take advantage of it. How? You can try clearing the space where the light enters so that there are no obstacles and so it can filter better. It is also recommended that you change the wooden doors for glass doors that, in contact with the sunlight, will make it project.

If you can also place mirrors so that natural multi lighting can filter to other parts of the house, you will make all of it seem bright during the hours that the sun hits it. And when this is not there, you can always achieve the same effect with lamps with natural multi lighting bulbs.

Light Colors

Not only on the walls and ceiling, but also on the furniture. Choose, as far as possible, pastel colors that also give a feeling of spaciousness to the rooms and will make them look bigger.

As for furniture, we advise you to opt for white or off-white. It is a way to give light to the dark house because, with them, you are going to make it look more cheerful and bright. You can consider some transparent furniture, with Cristal, acrylic or reflective materials. They are not well known, but for dark houses it can help make spaces look and feel brighter.

Even in the upholstery you can opt for a white tonality or add some light to get rid of that feeling of darkness.One of the decorative elements is the curtains. We recommend that they be clear and light, so that they allow the light to enter better. The thickest and most dense curtains will only create a feeling of darkness which is precisely what is not wanted.

Decoration of your House

Lighting a dark house also involves choosing a type of decoration that is not going to be dark or, at least, that does not make it heavy and closed. Therefore, put aside the traditional or baroque decoration and opt for a modern design with light structures.

If possible, sign up for minimalism so that there are not so many objects in a space and that, those that exist, are bright with the keys that we have given you before.

Choose Lamps Wisely

Lighting a dark house has a trick that we reveal to you here: using unconventional lamps. Well yes, this type of luminaires go very well in dark houses because they capture people's attention and, at the same time, provide light and eye-catching. For example, choose floor lamps in the corners, with light shades or with designs (also light), along with bulbs that simulate natural multi lighting.

Also bet on pendant lamps and in light colors that combine with the decoration you want to have. Better that they are not too heavy, simplicity is the strong point to illuminate a dark house.

As for kitchens or bathrooms, look to illuminate the LEDs that provide a very pleasant atmosphere and do not usually recharge. Of course, bet on reflective elements to diffuse the light. A lamp can end up creating an impressive light if it has those elements to help it reach every corner.

The Fear of Lighting a Dark House

Many times, when you see a dark house, you are afraid to buy it or enter it because you do not know how to get more light or natural multi lighting. However, with these tips that we have given you, you will not have a problem. All of them will get the effect you want and it won't take long.

Also, if you need more information or want to tell us about your specific case, we are here for you. You just have to contact us and a professional lighting team will study your case and advise you. Surely we are capable of giving you a facelift and that your "dark house" is the brightest of all in which you have lived. You dare?

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