Sun, 01 Aug 2021

Best Reasons To Learn A New Language In 2021

28 Jun 2021, 20:24 GMT+10

Let's imagine that you are thinking of starting to learn a foreign language. But why do you need this? It's great if you have an answer to this question. But many find it difficult to answer it. Subsequently, this uncertainty can lead to a loss of motivation, and you may even quit studying without achieving really great results. To strengthen your desire to learn, read about the top reasons why you should learn new languages.

  1. Improve your native language skills. At first, this statement seems meaningless. But if you know only your mother tongue, then you have nothing to compare it with. In different languages, the same thoughts are expressed in different ways. Therefore, knowledge of another language provides an opportunity to understand your culture much better: to deal with parts of speech and expression of tenses, that is, with something that you have never thought about before. You will begin to express thoughts and write better and more accurately in your mother tongue. Almost all great writers spoke at least one foreign language.
  2. Join the global community. Everyone understands that the whole world does not speak English. New thoughts and ideas arise everywhere, and they are not translated immediately. Thanks to advanced communications, the world is shrinking and contact with people who speak another language is increasing. Knowing a foreign language, you would be able to make personal and business contacts with people from different countries.
  3. Enrich your travels. This will work for those people who allow themselves to travel abroad to take a break from their domestic routine. Traveling gives a lot of impressions. But if you do not know the language of the country you are going to, all you have to do is wander around the sights, listen to the tour guide and believe what he is saying. If you know at least some basics, you can significantly expand your knowledge of the country and impressions of the trip - you can meet people who will happily communicate with someone who has a visible interest in their culture.
  4. Knowing languages is fashionable. No, this does not mean that you need to learn a couple of lines and repeat them at every opportunity. You need to know the language and use it when it suits the situation. Knowledge of the language implies higher education and good taste. When applying for a job, the presence of this item is especially appreciated in the resume and you have more chances to get a prestigious position. Bilingual education became a good strategy for marketing higher education institutions among their competitors.
  5. At last, the ability to speak a language makes you a person. Language is the medium we use to express our thoughts and exchange information. Can you imagine a thought without language? Therefore, learning a language means learning to think in a new way, increasing your intellectual abilities.

It is also important to mention that those who are professionally engaged in languages know that it is not enough to learn a foreign language. Even if you graduated from a local university and know the language 'perfectly', you should not relax. Your knowledge must be constantly maintained. Otherwise, it, at best, passes from active to passive, and at worst, it is irretrievably lost.

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