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It sometimes takes a tragedy to make you reconsider your viewpoint. COVID-19 served as a wake-up call for many organizations that had been putting off implementing a digital marketing plan for years. Agencies assist brands in confronting a new, unprecedented reality as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to be the most disruptive force we've encountered in modern times.

78% of Americans were already conducting their buying research online. Everyone except those who worked in critical organizations suddenly started to spend all of their time at home, hunkering down. As a result, many firms are barely making ends meet. That is enough to make you rethink everything.


Brenton Way is a Los Angeles-based growth marketing business that specializes in digital marketing using cutting-edge technologies.

What is so different about Brenton Way?

What sets Brenton Way apart is their focus on optimization: They drive growth through product rather than service only. To design individual growth roadmaps, Brenton Way combines industry and proprietary marketing module solutions. Their passion for clients and innovative work sets them apart. At Brenton Way, they re-imagine how marketing is done. Brenton way is one of the top performance marketing agencies, which has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur, creates unique, tailored brand and marketing initiatives for its clients.

Brenton Way is rethinking how companies do digital marketing through their campaigns. A company's online marketing effort to promote engagement, conversions, traffic, or income is known as a digital marketing campaign. The campaign is aligned with the organization's overall objectives and contains one or more digital channels.

To learn about digital marketing, here are Free Digital Marketing Tips.

The Importance of Technology in Digital Marketing

Brenton Way thinks that technology is very important in digital marketing. Technology advances at a breakneck pace, altering everything from national security to our daily lives. The Strategic Role of Technologies seeks to comprehend how technology and innovation are reshaping our world.

Modern marketing is highly influenced by technology such as the internet, mobile phones, social media, and customer relationship management systems. Technology aids in the building of relationships, the strengthening of organisational performance, the ability for people to learn about one another, and has a huge impact on how firms engage with prospective clients. Every marketer is beginning to see technology as a critical component of development and growth.

The Importance of Automation

For Brenton Way, Automation is very important as they believe that marketers should use marketing automation to develop personalized, cross-channel journeys that provide a consistent, linked consumer experience. One of its main goals is to give the right material to the right customers at the right moment, building their trust in the business.

Automating Tedious Tasks

By automating tedious tasks such as:

  • SEO Analysis Automation

SEO analysis is a complex activity. It is not easy to master, especially for those who are just getting started in the field of SEO. Using one of the several tools developed for the purpose can make the tedious work go faster.

  • Competitor Analysis Automation

Competitor analysis is difficult, but one must do it to keep track of your closest competitors. To understand what they are doing to develop appropriate reactions to offset any benefits that they might enjoy at your expense.

  • Social Sharing Automation

If your excellent piece of content reaches the correct audience and generates the proper buzz on social media, it will increase in value. As a result, social sharing is an important part of digital marketing. However, if you have to concentrate on getting the content live on the channels that matter to you the most, it might take up a lot of your time.

  • 'Relevant Term' Search Automation

Only if you write for the user will your SEO efforts be successful. Many marketers make the grave error of writing for search engines, which is highly discouraged. The core element of SEO success is that if the material is valuable, the search engines will rank it.

These are a few tedious tasks that can be automated to save a great amount of time. By doing so, campaigns can also run more efficiently.

What's New?

Evolution. Work with a cutting-edge marketing firm that employs an account strategy, a fresh strategy to campaign management called the Account Plan. Get a thorough dashboard that allows you to track all of your metrics, provide comments, connect with your growth team, and examine all of your marketing efforts in one cohesive place.

You will be able to manage:

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Notes
  • Deliverables
  • Communications
  • Analytics

This new dashboard will make your marketing run more efficiently.

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