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Questions you need to ask before hiring a babysitter

26 Jun 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

Hiring a babysitter is a big deal as you are handing away your child's well-being into somebody else's hands. Thus it becomes indispensable to hire a person who is competent enough to discharge this duty.

Babysitters can cut down parental stress and burden big time. However, one wrong hire can put you and your child's safety on the brink. Therefore it is always wise to vet the person you think of hiring as a babysitter.

Questions to ask a potential babysitter

A babysitter is not an ordinary job, and it is the job of handling your child. A babysitter's presence greatly influences your child's behavior, personality, and attitude. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to interview your child's potential babysitter.

So here's a list of questions you should ask your child's potential babysitter before sealing the deal.

General questions

Start with a set of general questions; this is the part where you clear out everything beforehand. These questions will help you avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

1) What is it about your job that fascinates you the most?

This question lets you sneak a boy into their personality. The answer to this question allows you to judge a person's attitude towards children and how sensitive they are towards their job.

2) How much do you expect us to pay for an hour?

Asking this question will let you know how much your babysitter is willing to earn. This figure will set the negotiation right; nevertheless, it is not bad for you to set a budget for the paycheck. But considering the babysitter's offer will let you know the general market rate in the babysitting business.

3) Can you extend your working hours in cases of emergency?

This is an essential factor that you should clear down between you and your babysitter. Life is indeed full of surprises, and emergencies can strike you at any time. Hence there might come days where you have to stay out late and ask your babysitter to work beyond their fixed working hours. So confirming beforehand whether they will be flexible with their working hours at such times can save you a lot of future resentment and stress.

  • Are you going to be in the business for the long term?

This question will let you know how committed and dedicated a person is to their job. High schoolers stay in business for extra money or help their parents with college funds, and other teenagers just term this job as easy money. Therefore, you must check their future plans and know if they are willing to stay in business for long because there is absolutely no point in changing babysitters every six months or year.

  • Do you have any other jobs lined up?

This is basically to know if they will be available in cases of impromptu plans or emergencies. There could be times where parents had to leave for work or any other emergency without their child. In such cases, you will need your babysitter to show up as quickly as possible, and this could only be done if they are free and available. Babysitters involved in other jobs may not show up at unearthly hours or hours beyond their work schedule; this makes them less reliable in times of emergency.

Questions about experience, training, and background

This section contains the 'must-ask babysitter questions.' Inquisitively asking questions about a candidate's background, training, and experience provides you intel on their work ethics and skillset.

Therefore during your babysitter interview, don't forget to ask the following questions.

  • What is your WWCC clearance number?

Many babysitters may not carry a Working With Children Check, as they deem it unnecessary. However, it is the most critical aspect of engaging in child-related works. As a parent, you need assurance that your child is being cared for by a person who has no criminal background, and a WWCC clearance certificate is the only way to provide you with that assurance. Therefore before choosing any potential candidate, inquire about their WWCC certificate and ask for its copy or a clearance number and verify that number online. This verification is quick and easy and allows you to hire a candidate that poses no threat to your child's well-being.

  • Can you perform CPR and provide first aid?

Handing over your child to a complete stranger is an irksome situation for a parent. After all, your precious child will be under someone else's responsibility for a while. Therefore to be at peace with this fact, ensure that the babysitter you hire has basic knowledge of first aid and knows how to perform CPR. Both of these things come in handy during every emergency mishap, thus knowing them is a must.

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