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Is iPhone or iPod Battery Replacement Worth It?

22 Jun 2021, 23:24 GMT+10

A well-maintained iPhone or iPod can last for years to come. Most of the apple devices are designed for the highest performance along with long-lasting support. Apple is known to provide software updates for bug removal to its customers for the longest time. Despite all these perks, you might have trouble with its battery. This trouble isn't necessarily caused by the battery itself, rather by carelessness. People often get worried when this happens and are usually at a split on solving their Apple device battery issues.

Getting your battery changed isn't really an issue you can simply go to a good outlet for iPhone Repair in Regina and get the problem sorted in no time. However, the real question that arises here is whether getting your iPhone or iPad battery replaced is a good idea or not. We have compiled a guide that might help you come to a conclusion about this problem. So, let us take a look at the matter in detail.

Should You Get Your iPhone or iPad Battery Replaced?

Getting your battery changed is the ultimate solution but it shouldn't necessarily be your first move. You should not think of replacing your battery as soon as the signs of battery issues start showing. Following are some of the problems that might indicate that you have battery issues.

Sudden Shutdowns: if your apple device shuts down unexpectedly then you might be having battery issues.

Slow Shutdowns: you should also check if your apple devices shut down slowly as it might be a sign of a battery problem.

Plug-In Only: if you're iPad or iPhone works only when it is plugged into a powers source then it is clearly a battery issue.

High Temperature: you should also consider getting your battery checked if your device heats up to the limit often.

As you can see, various indicators might show battery problems so keep your eyes peeled and see which of these issues you are dealing with. Do not worry if you have no other option but to change your battery since there are plenty of options for replacing it.

iPhone & iPod Battery Replacement Options


This should not come as a surprise but the first priority for getting your device battery changed is Apple itself. Apple is a trustable name for getting a new battery during or after the warranty tenure. You can visit any of Apple's outlets, explain your problem to the person available and get a new battery in no time. You can also reach out to their official website and get an original battery delivered to you.

Apple Authorised Repair Shops

Apple is a multinational company and understands that its fan base is enormous. It is not easy for Apple to cater to all of its customers itself, therefore, it is authorised by certain repair shops and companies to do repairs. These authorised repair shops are the next best option for anyone who wants to get their iPhone or iPad repaired in capable hands.

These shops have experts and technicians that have been certified by Apple itself which makes them more reliable. Another perk of visiting these authorized repair shops is that your phone warranty remains intact (if your phone is under warranty).

Repair Shops

We understand that you might be reluctant to go to normal repair shops. However, there are plenty of reliable shops for iPhone Repair in Regina that can help you out. You can reach out to these repair shops and get your battery issues sorted out instantly. Another perk of going to these repair shops is that you can save a lot of money. However, we suggest going to reputable companies like MobileQRegina if you have a serious issue and you need to ensure an effective solution for your Apple devices.

Repair It Yourself

This might sound stupid but it is a great idea if you are handy. You can get your tool kit and replace your battery yourself. However, we must warn you that this will void your warranty (meaning that Apple will not cater to any warranty claims after this).

On the other hand, if you have a device that does not have a warranty, to begin with then you do not really have to be concerned. We also suggest being extra careful, you should also follow guides and steps properly or you could end up with a dead device.

How to Make Your Battery Last Longer

Now that we have gone through the options for battery replacement, we should move on to steps that you can take to make your battery last longer. It is best to follow some of the following tips if you want to give your batteries a longer working life.

Keep Your Device In Cool Places

The first thing to look into when dealing with battery life is to focus on the temperature. Apple products are generally designed to operate best at temperatures ranging from 0-35 degree centigrade. Operating your phone outside this temperature will probably cause battery damage. It is best not to charge your device either if the temperature is higher than the above-mentioned range.

Remove Case before Charging

Phone cases are crucial for mobile phones but they can also cause battery damage. Many mobile cases minimise heat emission from the battery which can increase its temperature. Therefore, it is best to stay on the safe side and remove your device case when you charge it.

Charge Your Phone Before Storing It

Another pro tip to follow is to charge your phone before you store it. We suggest charging your phone up to 50% and then storing it as it will help you preserve the phone battery for a longer period. It is wise to charge your phone up to 50% every six months as it will help you retain battery health.


The bottom line is, you should only change your phone battery if it is newly bought and is still in warranty. We suggest changing your device if you have an older phone because it will keep giving you trouble from time to time. You can also reach out to MobileQRegina if you want more tips on how to make the most of your battery.

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