Tue, 20 Apr 2021

2020 was a roller coaster year for businesses around the globe. And not the sort of roller coaster that had people lining up for more. It was a rollercoaster that brought businesses around the globe to their knees and saw countless businesses brought to the brink of bankruptcy as consumer patterns changed and government mandates essentially cancelled their business operations for months at a time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that individuals interact with businesses and the way that businesses reach their target market. And, with this change, there has been a 'new normal' that undermined well established practices and left countless businesses scrambling to adopt digital practices to keep up with changing consumer demands.

To stay on top and keep your business afloat in 2021, we have compiled a list of five essential tips that you should be following in 2021 and beyond.

  • Find Your Customers Through the Right Channels

Different customers shop and seek services in different ways. And, as such, the way that businesses need to market to their target demographic must be tailored towards individual buying behaviour. What works for one business may not work for another and vice-versa. According to one leading SEO Manchester company, businesses across the United Kingdom that were investing in search engine optimisation services prior to 2020 increased their spend by more than double to capture evolving customer behaviour.

To be successful in 2021, it is essential that businesses take the time to understand how their customers are shopping online and create strategies that are going to make the most of that buyer behaviour. Some businesses will find that they are better off putting money into SEO, while others might find that SEM, Facebook, and Influencer marketing is a better spend of their online marketing budget. Whatever the case, it is essential that businesses take the time to understand customer behaviour and tailor their business models towards their changing needs.

  • Provide Reassurance to Customers

Think that you're the only one that has been affected by the global pandemic? Think again. Customers are also having to change established patterns and adapt to an increasingly digital world. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, without them, you wouldn't be the business that you are today. In a time when the world is riddled by so much uncertainty, it is important that you are there for your customers just as much as they are there for you.

Don't be afraid to check in on your loyal customers and go beyond what a traditional customer relationship may look like. Let customers know about how your business is adapting to the COVID-19 situation and be honest with them. You might be surprised to learn that customers want to see you survive and may be more likely to invest money with your business if they believe that you need them just as much as they need you.

Here are a few ways that you can increase communication and extend the relationship that you have already created with your customers.

  • Send personalised EDM messages
  • Post regular updates on your Google my Business and Social Profiles
  • Keep customers up to date on upcoming sales
  • Let customers know about changes to regular trading practices

Keeping your customers informed and in the loop is essential. We are living in unprecedented times and you, as a trusted goods or service provider, have the responsibility to communicate with your loyal customers.

  • Take Chances with Your Strategy

Fortune favours the bold - and this ideology extends to your marketing strategy. Don't be afraid to take chances with your marketing practices. The current situation means that you have an opportunity to reinvent your marketing strategy and take chances that you have previously never needed to take. In 2020, we saw several brave businesses rise to the top with creative marketing strategies that made them stand out from their competition.

Take this opportunity to rethink your marketing strategy and the way that you want your business to be perceived by customers. If there is one thing that this period has gifted us with, it is time. Now, more than ever before, businesses can rethink existing practices and change the way that they interact with customers.

  • Invest in Online

We probably don't need to reiterate this more than we already have, but if you want to succeed in 2021 then you need to invest in digital. According to one study by Forbes, internet usage increased by as much as 53% in 2020. As such, so did the amount that customers spent online. With so many people spending more time online and investing in goods and services online, you need to be appearing in front of your prospective customers at just the right time.

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