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Sustainable Baby Clothes Made for New Mothers

25 Mar 2021, 08:40 GMT+10

If you or someone you know is expecting or has just had a baby of their own, it's a time that's equal parts exciting and stressful. Between all of the diapers you have to buy, the nursery you have to put together, and the preparation for all of the stages of childhood, it can be hard to keep track of all of the things you need to prepare for.

If you're a new mother, take a deep breath, you've got this. If you love a new mother, celebrate her and support her during this crucial time in her life.

No matter which of these categories you fall into, you should take a moment to consider investing in some baby clothes from Mon Coeur.

Help Her Get Started with Lots of New Baby Clothes

For that new mother in your life, you want to help her out in any small way you can. An easy way to do that is to gift her with some high-quality, sustainable baby clothing that's both cute and comfy. Buy all sorts of different outfits for all stages of life for her baby, providing her with some stylish options to choose from.

If you're the new mother, you know better than anyone just how many different onesies, booties, and outfits you're little one is going to need. They need their clothes changed at least three times a day, so when it comes to baby clothes, the more, the merrier.

Quality Materials Made to Last

Though it's true that babies grow out of clothes fast, they also need clothes that aren't thin or made from cheap fabric that will rip apart at the first sign of distress.

Buying clothing made from sustainable, high-quality fabrics will allow these pieces to last as long as your baby's growth spurt does.

Splurge a Bit So She Doesn't Have to

Being a new mom is no cheap feat. New moms have a long, long list of different expenses that they will need to be on top of, including diapers, food, toys, and other baby supplies. One of the last things on that long, long list is new clothes.

If you know that the new mom in your life isn't likely to be in a financial position to splurge on herself and her newborn, do the splurging for her. New moms deserve some recognition and gifts when they first become moms (and even when they aren't new to it anymore).

A few high-quality baby clothes may not mean much to you or your wallet but they'll make a world of difference to that new mom you know.

All-Natural Fabrics for Even the Most Sensitive Skin

It comes as no surprise to, well, any of us that babies can be very sensitive to things. Since their skin is very thin and still developing, there are a lot of fabrics that can cause discomfort and irritation to their skin.

Some of the biggest offenders to cause this discomfort are synthetic fabrics like polyester that don't allow the skin to breathe and trap heat. They also rub against the skin, easily making it itchy and even causing rashes.

With sustainable clothing, you're getting high-quality, all-natural fabrics made from fibers like cotton. Cotton is known to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin, making it the best possible choice for infant clothing.

Help Mom and Help the Earth

When you buy baby clothes for the new mom in your life, consider going the sustainable route. This way, not only are you helping out that special mom you know, but you're also helping create a healthier Earth for her baby's future.

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